Call Me Old Kaleido - Testbuilds!

2017-05-07 14:02:15 by Theihe

Call Me Old Kaleido is now live!


Please note that the game is currently in an incomplete state and it will be updated atleast once every week!

Call Me Young Kaleido Update 28/3 2017:

The game is officially finished!

13 new maps!

An ending cutscene has been added!

New mechanics introduced!

Secret language to decode!

Select map screen has been tweaked.

Major debugging!

Tweaks to previous levels.

Death effects has been improved upon.

Signs on map select screen has been edited.

Collission box on the bug has been fixed.


Call Me Young Kaleido [TRAILER]

2017-03-25 05:08:25 by Theihe

I am currently working on the ending of CMYK, it feels pretty surreal but the game will in fact be done in 1-3 weeks.

In the meanwhile you should check out Pyxus' trailer for Call Me Young Kaleido down below!



7 new levels! 

A new skin has been added to Kaleido!

Colors have been tweaked slightly to reduce eyestrain.

Death SFX by Eli Coutch implemented.

WASD support implemented for those who wanted it.

Tweaked some earlier levels.


Also check out MetsuRJKen's video if you missed it!


Call Me Young Kaleido Update 14/3 2017 [TEASER]

2017-03-14 03:33:00 by Theihe

Watch MetsuRjKen playtest the levels coming out later today!

Call Me Young Kaleido Update 6/3 2017

2017-03-06 06:32:22 by Theihe

To celebrate MetsuRjKen's playthrough of Kaleido I've prepared a new update! Watch it here;

4 brand new levels!

Almost all past levels got minor tweaks for clarification or aesthetical purposes.

Particles spawn on death.

Teleportation sound.

Link to my Discord is right here go ahed and join us! :D